Dr. David, Living Wellness Dental Dorchester, Calgary

Dr. David MacLean graduated from the University of Alberta faculty of Dentistry in 1977.  He began private practice with a strong interest in preventive care and whole person health. This has led him to further his education in areas of behavioral science, periodontics (gum health), orthodontics, occlusion (bite), and “holistic” or “biologic dentistry”.

In the 1980’s, Dr. David completed a program of accreditation in biologic dentistry with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).  The IAOMT is a group of physicians, dentists and research scientists who have extensive training and knowledge in the effects of toxic materials used in dentistry and medicine, and who have set standards of care in this field based on scientific research.

In 1983, along with his brother, Dr. Cameron MacLean, he opened Dorchester Health Centre in its present location.  It was founded on the understanding that there is a strong connection between the mouth and whole person health, and that people have the right to information which allows them to make informed decisions about their own health.  Through their work, they have come to realize that health is attained by intention, not by accident.

In 2002, Dr. David completed a four level continuum of study in “bioesthetic dentistry” with an institute known as OBI.  This intensive education is based on observations made during the 1970’s by the late Dr. Robert Lee during his studies of optimally health chewing systems in people over the age of 50.  Students of this program learn to properly diagnose true cause of breakdown and degeneration in the chewing system as a whole, and to restore the mouth based on this model to achieve lasting natural beauty. 

Currently, Dr. David serves on the board and as President of the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry, the international non-profit foundation that oversees OBI teaching institutes around the world.  He is involved in teaching Bioesthetic Dentistry to dentists internationally.  He is also engaged in mentoring dentists who are learning to incorporate digital CAD/CAM into their restorative practices.